Transparent Pricing

Feel in control of your budget with clear communication from day one. We take pride in capturing and presenting the details in our proposals that are oftentimes overlooked. Setting expectations early is the key to a successful project and builder/client relationship.

Complete Transparency

Our top priority is creating your ideal vision that aligns with your goals and your budget. As local specialists, Mullen Building has the insight and knowledge to price our work professionally while minimizing unexpected costs. Our transparent approach and connection with skilled, local architects and designers provide clarity over costs, with the highest standard of service throughout the process. Every project is different, and our bespoke method of quoting ensures you’re getting a high standard of service for your investment.

How Much Does Remodeling Cost?

Our remodeling services are priced in the $50,000-$600,00.00 range. It is not uncommon to go well above this range depending on the complexity, size, and scope of the specifications of your project. As seasoned professionals with extensive experience in single-room and full-house remodeling, we deliver excellent results that fall within your specific budget, with complete transparency at every step. Our remodels cover anything from kitchen renovations to whole-floor or whole-house services.

How Much Do Additions Cost?

Our average costs for room additions range from $180,000 to $350,000 to expand your interior space and provide a perfectly matched extension to your home. Our expert team has the knowledge necessary to respect the existing structure of your home, creating sympathetic designs that elevate your property while providing the quality you’d expect from a company of our reputation. Room additions include first-floor extensions, second-floor additions, and other expansions to your existing property.

How Much Does A New House Cost?

As specialists in custom home building, we work with clients on various budgets to construct high-quality homes that perfectly match their vision. On average our new homes have been in the $850,000 to $2 million range over the last couple of years. Plan on budgeting $400-800 a square foot. Each home plan we review is custom and we price them according to the architects’ specifications. . Our bespoke approach ensures your budget is in full alignment with your plans and expectations from the start. We work with highly-regarded local architects and specialists to ensure your design falls within your specified budget.

Let’s Build Together!