Building And Remodeling Luxury Homes

Over our 19 years in operation, Mullen Building & Remodeling has provided high-quality services to customers across the Cape Cod area. Our dedicated team of specialists works tirelessly to deliver exceptional results for our customers, with a friendly and transparent approach that our clients appreciate. As a family-owned, local home-building and remodeling company, our reputation is our strength, allowing us to approach each project with the respect and detail it deserves.

Mullen Building & Remodeling team

Why Choose Us?


Our focus on quality design and construction are two key reasons our customers choose us for custom building and home remodeling.

Unique Process

Complete transparency throughout the process, and focus on building positive working relationships with our customers set us apart.

Bespoke Solutions

Our team ensures total satisfaction from initial design to final sign-off, if you’re searching for a bespoke solution from highly experienced professionals.

Clear Communication

We take the time to talk through the process with you, providing realistic insight into how we can transform your property, step by step.

Mullen Building at work

Our Values

Quality is our top commitment as a Cape Cod building and remodeling specialist. We understand that the best work isn’t done in a rush, and we go above and beyond to place the right people in the right jobs. Our curated network of architects, contractors, and engineers share our values, providing high service standards and complete clarity from start to finish. Respect, Integrity, and Honesty are what drive Mullen to provide our customers with the standard of service they deserve.

Meet The Team

Doug Mullen

President & Founder

Davidson Farias

General Manager

Brian Mullen

Project Manager

Corey Paine

Project Manager

Bryan Burch


Katie Crawford

Project Manager

Lindsay Congelos

Pre-Construction/Office Assistant

Jaimie Donovan