Our Custom Built Home Process

Our custom-built home and renovation process is easy to understand and with our software, you will always know what was done, what is needed from you, and what is coming up. We like to set expectations early and update you as often as needed so you are always in the know!

custom built home

Phase 1

Planning and Pre-Construction

  • Following an initial consultation, we gather details of your budget, timeframe, and vision to provide a complete picture of the work you’d like us to achieve.
  • We use your valuable insight to partner with reputable architects and designers, ensuring your budget and concept remain in harmony.
  • With all the preparations complete, we’ll return to you with an exact price for the project, ready for your approval.
  • Once the project starts, we keep in touch with you consistently to provide clear updates.
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Phase 2

Design And Build

  • Once the introductions are out of the way, our team can do what they do best. We put all preparations in place for contractors, materials, and designs, transforming your idea using dedicated, innovative software.
  • Everything from your paperwork to our schedule and finalizations in paint, hardware, floor stains, and more are included for your easy access.
  • With the build underway, we’ll update you daily with job logs and photos, maintaining honest communication throughout development. More than 20 years of industry experience means we’ve built a trustworthy team we can rely on to meet our high-quality standards. We take pride in ensuring every aspect is correct, down to the finest details.

Phase 3

Final Approval And Aftercare For Our Custom Built Homes

Our comprehensive finalization process ensures everything is checked off the list, with no detail left unchecked.

  • We arrange a final meeting and ensure your renovation or build is left spotless and ready for use.
  • Once you’ve checked everything and given your approval, your one-year warranty immediately starts for complete peace of mind.
  • If necessary, we also provide aftercare estate care services for annual maintenance and regular checks, providing the quality of service we deliver for longer.
  • If requested, we also provide an estate aftercare service which includes annual maintenance with the same quality service you are accustomed to. This service is only available to our new construction and entire home remodel customers. Please ask your project supervisor about our aftercare service for your custom-built home!
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Let’s Build Together!