Detailed Timeline

Know precisely where we’re at in the process with our detailed home renovation timeline. We publish a schedule through our project management software which you can view anytime. The schedule is updated daily and you can see milestones, how far along we are with any given task and due dates for when we need your selections.

home renovation timeline
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    9-18 Weeks

    Our in-depth pre-construction progress covers every element of your build, ensuring complete preparations are made, materials are ordered, and plans are designed. We’ll arrange an initial consultation within the first 1-2 weeks to discuss your plans and goals. From there, we spend 4-8 weeks in pre-construction, connecting with architects and contractors that meet our same quality standard. Finally, we enter pricing and design finalizing, providing you with an exact budget for our bespoke services.

    During this time, we source all materials, finalize the design and define the size and scope of the project to achieve exceptional results. Our hand-chosen architects ensure your build meets your expectations, working directly with our experienced team to transform your property. Once pre-construction is over, we can get started on your build, providing a clear home renovation timeline.

    Some of our clients come to us with their own architects. This is great and happens often. We will always ask to be brought on board as early as possible.

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    6 months – 1 year plus

    After town approvals and your permit is issued we are ready to start building! Our project managers, carpenters, and skilled trade partners utilize your plans to start excavation or demolition on your project. Our pre-defined schedule will provide you with a clear overview of our timeline to complete all work to the highest standard. We take our time to ensure we select the best materials and the ideal team for the job, keeping you informed every step of the way.

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    Final Checks

    1-2 weeks

    Once we reach the substantial completion milestone, our expert team, our expert team sits down with you to discuss the finishing details. We do everything we can over the final weeks to deliver a result that matches your vision perfectly, down to the finest of details. Once you’ve signed off on our work, we provide a one-year warranty on workmanship to ensure your build meets our extremely high standards.

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